Month: April 2017

Beginner’s Guide to Submission

Sex is a normal human need, but how doing it properly and reap maximum pleasure and fulfillment is a real cause of disagreement among a majority of couples. Romping between the sheets is an art that goes beyond the ubiquitous and the monotonous missionary position that most couples identify with.

Regardless of how you look at it, once in a while, we all need something to spice up things in the bedroom. Otherwise, we might just stop enjoying sex or engaging in sex, altogether.  

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What is Cuckolding?

Most “vanilla” relationships have a pretty simple code in place from the get go. You’re not supposed to lie, you’re not supposed to hurt each other and in the majority of relationships, you’re not supposed to have sex with anyone else.

Of course that’s not a hard and fast rule. Ethical non monogamy, open relationships and polyamory are all perfectly legitimate alternatives. But those are relationship choices, and when it comes to cuckolding or cuckqueaning, we’re not talking about relationship. We’re talking about sex.

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Coming Out The Fetish Closet

For many people, coming out is a process of revealing their true identity—whether it’s being gay, trans, or a Democrat in Texas. It isn’t always easy, and there isn’t a pre-written script explaining how to do it, but coming out can be freeing.

When you have a sexual fetish, though, should you always “come out” about it? How do you decide who to tell and from who to keep it a secret? And when you do decide to tell someone, what’s the best way to explain: “Mom, Dad… I like to be electrocuted during sex”?

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