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What is Macrophilia or Giant Fetish?

Men who want to have sex with giants are using the internet and new technology to bring their incredibly niche fetish to life – and virtual reality could be the next frontier. Macrophilia – which translates as ‘lover of large’ – refers to people who are aroused by the thought of having sex with others who are significantly larger than they are.

By larger, they mean huge – we’re talking King Kong size, or larger. “I would be uncontrollably drawn to her beauty and power despite the danger such an encounter would bring,” a man called Mark told Broadly. “As a superior being, she would have little regard for me other than supplying her own needs. “Whether it be as food to nourish her superior body, or as a sexual play toy to be used and broken after, I would have no other choice other than submit myself to her.”

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What is Financial Domination (FinDom)?

FinDom is a specific kind of fetish in which a sub derives an erotic thrill from relinquishing control of their finances to a financial domme, which is where the practice derives its name. What occurs specifically within a findom relationship varies widely: it can be anything from paying a small tribute to the domme weekly, to purchasing expensive goods for her from an online wishlist, to signing a “blackmail contract,” to giving the dom total access to one’s debit/credit cards.

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What is Cosplay Fetish?

Cosplay is short for costume play. This term describes both the practice of dressing up as film, television, book, or video game characters, as well as the actual costume worn during the practice. The term was coined by anime producer Nobuyuki Takahashi, who was impressed by the costumed attendees he observed at Los Angeles’ World Science Fiction Convention in 1984.

Cosplayers commonly dress as characters from Japanese manga or anime, but may dress as any fictional characters. The practice originated in Japan but has spread throughout the world.

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Whats is FemDom Fetish?

There are many interpretations of fetish femdom, the act of a male being submissive to a dominating female figure, or the Mistress as she is often called. The activities of this fetish consist of anything from role reversal to more extreme games such as torture or anything that can be interpreted as dominant acts.

Limits do not exist here, this being the main difference between fetish femdom and other fetishes. The activities are determined by the dominant female in consent with her submissive, but often they are taken to higher levels than expected, making this fetish one of the most desired ones.

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Bondage Tips & Facts

Over the past decade there have been a handful of books that have powerfully and positively nudged women out of their comfort zones and into the mysterious unknown. The most recent and racy of the bunch, 50 Shades of Grey, has given even the globe’s most reserved women the courage to explore their previously dormant or formerly perceived taboo, innermost fantasies.

Reviewing the findings of the latest Global Survey presented in a handy infographic, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of women experimenting with soft BDSMaccessories (not to mention sexting). We’ve also seen increased interest in topics surrounding  BDSM basics, from hard limits to how to perform aftercare.

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Edging and How Can I Do it?

Edging, or orgasm control, has been popping up in mainstream culture more and more recently, but what is it exactly? And, more importantly, how can it be used to not only improve your sex life, but also to turn up the kink?

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Beginners Guide To Foot Fetish

If you’re a women who has ever worn sandals, heels or any type of shoe which exposes your toes, there’s every chance you would have been eyed up. Just not where you were expecting.

Many people can be squeamish about a foot fetish, and I’m not sure why. Is it yet another part of our body we’re supposed to be ashamed of? Personally I like my feet, they get me to all sorts of places.

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BDSM Aftercare

If you’re curious about exploring BDSM with your partner, it can seem like there is an endless list of considerations. It’s not quite as simple as dressing up a certain way and tying your partner up; you both need to discuss what fantasy you’re interested in, set your hard and soft limits, pick your safe words… and then the step that many don’t think to prepare for: aftercare.

Even though it takes place ‘after’ a scene, aftercare requires forethought and conversation. But what is it exactly?

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Role Play Ideas that Incorporate Bondage

There’s no easier way to spice up sex than with a little game of ‘let’s pretend.’ By adopting a new persona in the bedroom, you’re able to let go of any self-consciousness because, well, you weren’t yourself. You were the naughty schoolgirl or the wide-eyed deliveryman in an erotic story of your own creation.

And while dressing up can help set the scene, why not add a few sexy accessories to your role play that are fully functional? For combing two of your kinky interests into one, try these sexy role play ideas perfect for incororating bondage for beginners!

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Bondage Tips For beginners

If the word ‘bondage’ fills your mind’s eye with shocking images of leather masks, uncomfortable looking spikes and being locked away in a dark cellar somewhere in central Europe, you, along with almost everybody in Hollywood it seems, have probably slightly misunderstood what bondage actually is.

Bondage is the idea of enjoying sexual gratification through the act of being restrained. All that other stuff is BDSM (or Bondage and Discipline with Sadomasochism if you will) and, put simply, the difference between bondage and BDSM is with bondage, you can enjoy the gain but without the pain.

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