What is Cosplay Fetish?

Cosplay is short for costume play. This term describes both the practice of dressing up as film, television, book, or video game characters, as well as the actual costume worn during the practice. The term was coined by anime producer Nobuyuki Takahashi, who was impressed by the costumed attendees he observed at Los Angeles’ World Science Fiction Convention in 1984.

Cosplayers commonly dress as characters from Japanese manga or anime, but may dress as any fictional characters. The practice originated in Japan but has spread throughout the world.

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Edging and How Can I Do it?

Edging, or orgasm control, has been popping up in mainstream culture more and more recently, but what is it exactly? And, more importantly, how can it be used to not only improve your sex life, but also to turn up the kink?

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BDSM Aftercare

If you’re curious about exploring BDSM with your partner, it can seem like there is an endless list of considerations. It’s not quite as simple as dressing up a certain way and tying your partner up; you both need to discuss what fantasy you’re interested in, set your hard and soft limits, pick your safe words… and then the step that many don’t think to prepare for: aftercare.

Even though it takes place ‘after’ a scene, aftercare requires forethought and conversation. But what is it exactly?

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Role Play Ideas that Incorporate Bondage

There’s no easier way to spice up sex than with a little game of ‘let’s pretend.’ By adopting a new persona in the bedroom, you’re able to let go of any self-consciousness because, well, you weren’t yourself. You were the naughty schoolgirl or the wide-eyed deliveryman in an erotic story of your own creation.

And while dressing up can help set the scene, why not add a few sexy accessories to your role play that are fully functional? For combing two of your kinky interests into one, try these sexy role play ideas perfect for incororating bondage for beginners!

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When Did BDSM Become So Popular?

The public perception of kink is shifting to match the reality. More and more people are coming to see your typical BDSM practitioner as the man or woman next door who enjoys consensual role-play along with, maybe, a dollop of pain on the side (or elsewhere).

It’s the more accurate view that every group has its outliers, kinky people tend to be well-adjusted and emotionally stable, we’re healthy, high-functioning people. Most of the people who are into kink use it as a way to enhance conventional sexual practices. It’s not all that different from what other people do. There’s a little bit of bondage, a little bit of spanking, and then fucking.

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Introduction to BDSM

New To BDSM?
For those lovers who wish to venture into uncharted waters in the bedroom, BDSM practices can be great outlets for expressing erotic, and some non-erotic desires.

In many countries around the world, men and women have been engaging in different types of BDSM activities for a long time.

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Consensual BDSM – The Imperative Rule

The first consideration about BDSM is that it’s a safe form of sex that is also consensual. The only way how sex can really be suitable is if it is consensual. That is, the people engaged in sex have to agree to it and will want to participate in some unique form of sex if desired. It only makes sense for both parties to have some semblance of enjoyment if they’re going to engage in sex.

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What is Cuckolding?

Most “vanilla” relationships have a pretty simple code in place from the get go. You’re not supposed to lie, you’re not supposed to hurt each other and in the majority of relationships, you’re not supposed to have sex with anyone else.

Of course that’s not a hard and fast rule. Ethical non monogamy, open relationships and polyamory are all perfectly legitimate alternatives. But those are relationship choices, and when it comes to cuckolding or cuckqueaning, we’re not talking about relationship. We’re talking about sex.

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Coming Out The Fetish Closet

For many people, coming out is a process of revealing their true identity—whether it’s being gay, trans, or a Democrat in Texas. It isn’t always easy, and there isn’t a pre-written script explaining how to do it, but coming out can be freeing.

When you have a sexual fetish, though, should you always “come out” about it? How do you decide who to tell and from who to keep it a secret? And when you do decide to tell someone, what’s the best way to explain: “Mom, Dad… I like to be electrocuted during sex”?

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A-Z of Sexual Fetishes

Whilst this is far from a complete list of sexual fetishes that exists (google rule 34 after you’ve read the letter T’s entry), we thought we would give you a run down of our A-Z of fetish.

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